GOAL Center
Grace Oasis Apostolic Learning Center
Jim Miller Shopping Center
5409 N Jim Miller Rd, Ste 227
Dallas TX 75227
(214) 462-5979

Grace Oasis/The ONE Church In Christ Jesus believes that the church must do more than simply offer church services and Bible Studies.  We must attempt to minister to as many people in as many ways as we possibly can.  With this in mind, we strive to offer ministry in as many areas as we are able.

The GOAL Center is a ministry offered by our church as part of our commitment to providing God's people with the resources and materials necessary to assist them in living a victorious Christian life.  The GOAL Center's objectives include:

To offer Bibles to the people of God in various translations which will make reading and understanding the Word of God easier and more rewarding.

To offer Christian books and literature which provides education, inspiration, and instruction meant to enrich the lives of believers.

To offer Christian music and videos which are able to encourage, uplift, and inspire God's people as they daily live their lives in a difficult and sin influenced world.

To offer Christian gifts and items which may be used to encourage, uplift and inspire.

To offer opportunities for friendship and fellowship through our Coffee House ministry.
The ONE Church In Christ Jesus, Inc.
PO Box 181238 Dallas TX 75218